Rough Crafts Presents Custom Harley-Davidson “Asphalt Glider”

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Taipei-based shop Rough Crafts, headed by Winston Yeh, has debuted an all-new build based on the Harley-Davidson Softail dubbed the “Asphalt Glider.” Fittingly described by Bike Exif as “Black, Menacing, and Muscular,” the one-of-one creation arrives in the brand’s definitive monochromatic black paintwork boasting a medley of textures, fitted parts, and finishes.

With a painstaking amount of detail put into theH.R. Giger-reminiscent motorbike, highlights include a complete fork setup made entirely of billet aluminum courtesy of Italian components brand FG Racing. On top, a set of custom handlebars arrive in Rough Crafts x Arlen Ness grips and Rebuffini switches. Foot controls from Thunderbike Custom, in-house headlights and exhaust, Koso turn signals, and Rebuffini hydraulic clutch cylinders are featured as additional touches.

15” wheels occupy the back while a skeletal “23 Arlen Ness wheel offers contrast up front. Performance air shocks from Legend Suspension feature an onboard air compressor, allowing the rear fender to sit as tight to the wheel as possible. Rounding out the look is RC’s signature fuel tank and a scooped tail section finished in carbon fiber textures.

Take a closer look at Rough Crafts’ latest creation above and find more details here.

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