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Wedding favors add a nice touch to any reception, giving your guests a little memento of your special day. While you can buy favors from online services or your local wedding planner or party store, it’s even more special if the bride, her bridesmaids or family members can take the time to make the favors themselves. Learn how to make wedding favors that are both inexpensive and personalized to help your guests feel special.


[Edit]Favors for the Sweet Tooth

  1. Scoop up a “Spoonful of Kisses” by cutting tulle netting (color-coordinated with the wedding, if available) into 8-inch squares. Place two or three Hershey kisses in the spoon and place it on the netting then gather it up around the spoon. Tie a 12-inch piece of ribbon (also color-coordinated) around the mesh where at the spoon-base of the handle. Attach a message to the spoon such as “We thank you for coming with a spoonful of kisses to bless our beginning as Mr. and Mrs.” or “A spoonful of kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.”
    Make Wedding Favors Step 1.jpg
  2. Give your guests “Sweet Wishes” by measuring 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) of small candies (red hots, pastel mints, candy-coated chocolate bits or other tiny candies) that coordinate with your wedding colors into the center of a 6-inch square of organdy, tulle netting or cellophane. Gather corners up into a pouch and tie with a color-coordinated ribbon. Use a tiny piece of tape or an adhesive dot (available at craft stores in the scrapbooking section) to attach a scratch-off lottery ticket to each packet of candy. Have everyone scratch their lottery ticket just after the toast at the reception so everyone can celebrate a win!
    Make Wedding Favors Step 2.jpg
    • For variations on this type of favor, substitute the tiny candies with three or four wrapped candies like chocolate kisses, miniature candy bars or sour balls. If you like to bake, substitute the candy with small homemade heart-shaped sugar cookies decorated with candy sprinkles or colored sugar. For a sweet-and-salty treat, you could also use chocolate covered peanuts.
  3. Create “Sealed with Love Jam Jars” for your guests by filling tiny jam jars with homemade jam, made even more special if you and your fiancé picked the fruit and prepared it all together. Make personalized labels for the jars, tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the lid, and place one jar at each place setting.
    Make Wedding Favors Step 3.jpg

[Edit]Favors of Fragrant Memories

  1. Buy scented tea lights in a color that coordinates with your wedding. (These are usually available from craft or warehouse stores in bulk bags of 50 to 100.) Remove them from their aluminum holders and place in a small glass tea light holder. Wrap the candle holder in a square of tulle netting or in a small organdy gift bag and tie with a beautiful satin or organdy ribbon. Attach a note of thanks with your names and the date printed on parchment or other special paper.
    Make Wedding Favors Step 4.jpg
  2. Make small potpourri pouches with a potpourri scented for the season of your wedding (spice for fall and winter or floral-scented for spring and summer) and squares of tulle netting tied with ribbon. Buy small clear glass bowls, pots or votive holders and place one potpourri pouch in each. Attach a note to the pouch or for a more personal touch, rub decorative decals onto the glass container. These decals can be found in the scrapbooking section of any craft store.
    Make Wedding Favors Step 5.jpg

[Edit]Favors That Grow

  1. Give your guests a garden of cheery daisies by buying or making small organza pouches and filling them with daisy seeds. Attach a note to each bag that includes your names and the wedding date as well as this verse: “He loves me, he loves me not; he loves me, we tied the knot!”
    Make Wedding Favors Step 6.jpg
  2. Fill small envelopes with wildflower seeds and attach a decorative label to the front that says, “Every year when the flowers bloom, you’ll think about your favorite bride and groom.”
    Make Wedding Favors Step 7.jpg

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