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Ladies, you’ve all been there. Your favourite pair of knee highs or pantyhose just got a run in them. Wonderful. You don’t want to throw them away, so what can you do with them now? Certainly not wear them. How about recycling them!? Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also give them a new lease on life. Here are some great and useful ways to put those ruined pairs of pantyhose to good use.


[Edit]Using Pantyhose Around the House

  1. Use old pantyhose in the laundry Instead of a mesh bag to wash your delicate articles, use old pantyhose. Cut the old pantyhose at about the thigh, or just use the entire thigh high stocking. Place your delicate washables in the stocking, tie off the open end, and launder as usual.[1]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 1 Version 2.jpg
  2. Hang wet sweaters without those pesky hanger marks. Take a pair of pantyhose and put one leg through each sleeve or, if you are using thigh high stockings or half a pair of pantyhose, slip one leg through both arms of the sweater. Next, tie the two ends of the stocking to your clothesline and let the sweater dry.[2]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 2.jpg
  3. Scrub your bathroom, shower or sink. Spritz some cleaner on your sink, shower, or tub surface. Then, get a piece of your pantyhose and dampen it with either water or more cleaning solution. Next, scrub away the dirt and grime using the pantyhose cut-off much like you would use a regular washcloth. Want to make it even easier? Cut off the pantyhose at the calf and slip the piece over your hand for a cleaning mitt that works magic![3]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 3 Version 2.jpg
  4. Use your old stockings to make a bath infusion sachet. Using herbs in the bath is a calming experience that fills the air with beautiful scents, transforming your bath from a cleaning routine to a transforming experience. To make one of these bath “tea bags,” simply cut off your stockings at the calf, fill it with your favorite herbs, tie off the open end, and float the sachet in your bathwater.[4]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 4.jpg
  5. Add soap shavings to the old pantyhose. If you like a more bubbly bath, consider adding all of your old soap slivers into a stocking. Cut off the pantyhose leg at about the calf, and start collecting those soap pieces. When you have a decent amount of soap in the stocking, tie off the open end and swish it around the water to whip up some suds. You can use the soap filled stocking as a gentle scrubber for your skin.[5]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 5.jpg
  6. Use the old pantyhose as paint brush covers. After cleaning paint brushes, wrap them in pantyhose to keep them clean and soft.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 6.jpg
  7. Strain your paint. Take an old pair of pantyhose and cut them so that you have a usable piece of nylon that will stretch over a container. Then, pour your lumpy paint slowly over the mesh surface, letting the debris-free paint flow into the new container.[6]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 7 Version 2.jpg

[Edit]Using Pantyhose in the Kitchen

  1. Store onions and garlic. Air circulation is a great way to keep onions and garlic around longer. Take a pair of clean pantyhose and cut them off at the thigh, or simply use an entire thigh high stocking. Then, place the onions or garlic into the stockings like a sleeve, tie off the end, and store them hanging up in your pantry. Flower bulbs can also be stored this way over winter.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 8.jpg
  2. Cover a rolling pin. Place old pantyhose over a rolling pin. This will prevent dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 9.jpg
  3. Make a dish scrubber. Simply screw up a piece or two of old pantyhose, add a drop of detergent and scrub away.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 10.jpg
  4. Use the elastic waistband to secure your trash bags to the trash can to keep the bags from slipping down in the can. The pantyhose can also be used to tie around the top of the trash bags. This method is ideal for all household trash.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 11.jpg
  5. Use them to make sachets for adding potpourri or cedar balls to your drawers.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 12.jpg
  6. Tie bundled blankets together using old pantyhose. Much gentler and easy to use than large elastics or rubber bands. They will last for years too.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 13.jpg
  7. Cover clips or hangers. Place over the part of clothes affected by the clip on skirt or trouser hangers. This will stop marks from the hanger clip indenting on the clothing.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 14.jpg

[Edit]Using Pantyhose Outside the Home

  1. Use old pantyhose for garden and outdoor work. Make garden ties out of them! The legs of pantyhose actually make very good plant ties, as they are soft and pliable. They might not look great at the front of the border, but hide them at the back and they’ll do the job perfectly! Cut the pantyhose into lots of rings, to make much smaller, unobtrusive ties for all sorts of climbers, roses, etc.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 15.jpg
  2. Protect growing melons in the garden. Use the seat part of the pantyhose to encase your cantaloupes and watermelons to keep rabbits, deer and other animals from taking a bite while you are waiting for them to fully ripen.[7]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 16.jpg
  3. Use old pantyhose while camping. Put a full piece of soap in the toe of the pantyhose tie off above the soap. You now have a perfect way to carry soap with you to camping grounds. Just tie the pantyhose near the sink at the camping grounds and it will allow people to wash their hands without the possibility of the soap slipping and getting dirty or lost.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 17.jpg

[Edit]Using Pantyhose for Arts and Crafts

  1. Recycle them creatively. If you’re a crafter, then save all your old pantyhose and chop them into short lengths. Stuff toys or animals with the pantyhose; simply cut up old pantyhose and use as stuffing. As well, use them to stuff any craft item, from teddies to pillows to tiny Christmas tree ornaments.
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 18.jpg
  2. Use it to sieve. If you ever need to sieve anything very finely, such as pigments, ceramic glazes, liquids, or even when cooking, then a length of pantyhose is great. Cut the leg lengthwise so that you have a square piece of fabric, and tie or tape it over the top of your bowl. Sieve through it.[8]
    Recycle Old Pantyhose Step 19.jpg



  • Place pantyhose of the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner when hunting for a lost item on the floor that is too small to see easily, such as pins or contact lenses. The vacuum will suck it up while the pantyhose will “catch” it for you.
  • When traveling, use pantyhose to keep your clothes wrapped into smaller bundles so that you can fit more into the suitcase. This will keep rolled garments rolled up easily.
  • Clean your shoes with pantyhose; simply wipe over them with the pantyhose and see the difference.
  • In a pinch, you can use pantyhose or shoestrings to substitute for a fan belt on a car engine.
  • Hand wash the used pantyhose prior to reusing.
  • Pantyhose can be used to tie back hair. Just wrap around a small piece and your hair will stay in a ponytail.
  • You can also use pantyhose to make nylon headbands.

[Edit]Things You’ll Need

  • Old pantyhose
  • Scissors

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