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Macrame is a beautiful artform that involves intricate knots and meticulous designs. If you’ve gotten into making macrame or you just love the look of it, you’re probably trying to find the best ways to display it on your walls in your home. Try placing your macrame designs in different areas of your home to find out what looks the best and fits in with your aesthetic.


[Edit]Attaching Hooks to Your Macrame

  1. Attach small macrame to a key chain for an easy hook. If your macrame is too small for a wooden dowel, it can be hard to hang. Loop a small key chain through the top of your macrame and attach the key chain to a nail or push pin to hang it up on your wall.[1]
    • You can purchase key chains at most home goods stores.
  2. Tie a clothesline cord to the dowel of a macrame tapestry. Cut a length of clothesline about twice the length of the wooden dowel. Tie each end of the clothesline to the ends of the dowel and secure them with a double knot. Cut off any excess clothesline with scissors and use a nail to hang up your macrame by the extra cord.[2]

    Tip: The clothesline cord will match the material of the macrame tapestry, so it will look seamless.

    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 2.jpg
  3. Use the top loop to hang your macrame plant holders. Find the loop of macrame cord at the very top of your plant holder. Drill a small hook into your wall or the ceiling and hang the plant holder on the hook. If you are using a heavy plant, make sure you drill into a stud in your wall.[3]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 3.jpg
    • You can find studs in your wall by knocking on the wall with a closed fist. A hollow, echoing sound means there is no stud, while a muffled, non-hollow sound means you’ve found a stud.
  4. Hang a large macrame from a curtain rod in an entryway. Thread a thin curtain rod through the loops at the top of your macrame. Secure the tension rod above your front door or entryway to add some hanging macrame tassels to your living space.[4]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 4.jpg
    • If your macrame is especially heavy, check the weight limit on the box of your curtain rod to make sure it will hold.
  5. Add a coat hanger to your macrame for an alternative design. Find a wooden coat hanger with a detachable bar. Unhook the bottom bar from the coat hanger and slide it through the top loops of your macrame. Reattach the bar to the coat hanger and use the hook to hang your macrame.[5]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 5.jpg
    • You can find coat hangers with detachable bars online or at most home goods stores. They are often made for hanging pants.

[Edit]Choosing a Place for Your Macrame

  1. Use a large macrame as the focal point of your room. If your macrame is larger than 5 feet (1.5 m) wide, it will catch a lot of attention. Place it in your living room or dining room for an eye-catching focal point on a blank wall.[6]

    Tip: You can leave the surrounding area blank to really draw attention to the macrame or spice it up with a few added decorations, like a plant or a painting.

    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 6.jpg
  2. Add a few small macrame for a subtle decoration. Place 2 to 4 small macrame around the photos and art pieces already on your walls. They look great next to more boho or rustic themed decorations, like nature scenes or photos of your friends in the summer.[7]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 7.jpg
    • Macrame also looks great next to plants. If you have any on your shelves, consider adding a few macrame to the wall that surrounds it.
    • Small and skinny macrame look great when they are grouped together.
  3. Hang a macrame with a dowel above your bed for a headboard look. Hold a large macrame above your bed where the headboard would normally go. Mark the width of your macrame on the wall with a pencil. Add a small nail or hook to the center of your wall and loop the cord attached to the dowel behind your bed.[8]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 8.jpg
    • This works great with macrame tapestries that are taller than 4 ft (1.2 m).
  4. Put a dreamcatcher above your bed for good luck. Macrame dreamcatchers are beautiful pieces of art that go great in the room that you sleep in. Use a push pin or a small nail to hang your dreamcatcher near your bed so it is with you when you go to sleep.[9]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 9.jpg
    • Hang it directly above your bed for an eye-catching look, or keep it subtle by placing it across the room.

[Edit]Making a Macrame Tapestry

  1. Cut a wooden dowel 2 in (5.1 cm) longer than you want your macrame. Find a 1 in (2.5 cm) thick wooden dowel that you’d like to create your tapestry on. Cut the dowel a little bit longer than you want your tapestry to be so that you have some extra room to work with.[10]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 10.jpg
    • You can paint your wooden dowel with acrylic paint to add a fun pop of color to your macrame.
  2. Tie an extra macrame string to either side of the dowel. Cut a small macrame cord about twice the length of your wooden dowel. Tie one end of the string around one part of the dowel and the other end of the string on the other part of the dowel.[11]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 11.jpg
  3. Loop strands of clothesline around the wooden dowel so they hang down. Cut strands of clothesline about 6 feet (1.8 m) long. Fold one strand in half and hold the looped part in your hand. Wrap the hanging end of the clothesline around the wooden dowel and pull it through the looped end to create a loose knot that won’t slip off the dowel. Keep pulling the ends of the clothesline until the strand is snug. Cover your entire dowel in clothesline.[12]
    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 12.jpg
    • You can find clothesline string at most home goods or craft stores.
  4. Use the strands to complete your design. Create your macrame design by using half knots, square knots, or alternate knot designs with 2 to 4 strands at a time. Use up all of the clothesline strands or leave some hanging at the bottom for a tasseled look.[13]

    Tip: Try sketching out your design before you start to plan out what you want your macrame to look like.

    Hang Macrame on a Wall Step 13.jpg


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