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Leaves are a great tool for decorating, especially during the months when they’re changing colors. You might use fake leaves to decorate your home or opt for real ones that you pick off of your trees. Use the leaves to create centerpieces for tables, make wall hangings, or even paint them to change their color or add flair. With just a little bit of time and some creativity, you can easily turn regular leaves into great decorations.


[Edit]Creating Decorations for Tables

  1. Put tall branches of leaves in a vase for a bold decoration. Fill a vase with fake branches that have leaves attached, or find your own branches from a tree in your yard. Choose leaf branches that have lots of autumn colored leaves on them like reds, yellows, or oranges for the best-looking arrangement.[1]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 1.jpg
    • Place the vase full of leaves in the center of your table for a great centerpiece.
    • Choose branches that are covered in all green leaves, if desired.
  2. Write names on leaves to use them as place cards. Use a metallic paint pen in gold, silver, or another bold color to write people’s names on each leaf. Set each leaf in front of a seat at the table to use them as creative place cards for holiday meals or other communal gatherings.[2]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 2.jpg
    • Write the name on the prettier side of the leaf.
    • Pick out leaves that are sturdy and flat so they’re easier to write on.
    • Choose autumn leaves in yellows or oranges for a pop of color.
  3. Use leaves and Mod Podge to create a decorative bowl. Decide how big you’d like your leaf bowl to be and find a bowl at home this same size. Flip over this bowl and cover the bottom and sides with wax paper or cling wrap. Attach leaves to the sides of the bowl using clear craft glue or Mod Podge, using a paint brush or foam brush to apply the glue. Once the leaves are dry, remove the paper or cling wrap to reveal your sturdy leaf bowl.[3]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 3.jpg
    • Pick out a combination of red, orange, yellow, and green leaves for an autumn-inspired bowl.[4]
    • Don’t put liquids or foods in this bowl. Place things like napkins, balls, pinecones, or other decorative items in the bowl.
  4. Label foods or drinks with leaves for a creative display. This works well if you have a buffet-style gathering or just want to label a few items that look similar such as types of wine. Use a permanent marker or metallic paint pen to write the names of each food or drink on a separate leaf before placing the leaf in front of its corresponding item.[5]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 4.jpg
    • Choose leaves that are light-colored (like yellow, orange, or red ones) so the writing is visible if you use a dark colored marker.
  5. Attach leaves to mason jars to make creative candle holders. Pick out colorful, bendable leaves in any colors that you’d like—the thinner the leaf, the better. Hold a leaf to the side of the mason jar and cover it with clear glue or Mod Podge. Attach more leaves to the outside of the jar, wait for it to dry, and place a candle in the jar.[6]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 5.jpg
    • Choosing leaves that bend easily will help them cling to the curves of the jar.
    • Use a paint brush or foam brush to spread a layer of clear glue or Mod Podge under and over the leaves to keep them in place.
    • This is a great autumn decoration that you can display on your dining room table or end tables.
    • Cover the jar with green leaves for a decoration you can use during any season.
  6. Create a garland out of leaves for a tabletop runner. String together many leaves by creating a small hole in each leaf near the stem and sliding ribbon, twine, or clear cording through it. If you don’t want to string the leaves, place them so they’re overlapping one another, piling them up so they create a runway down the center of the table.[7]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 6.jpg
    • Use a hole punch for uniform holes.
    • Create an autumn garland using colorful leaves, or opt for a spring or summer garland by choosing green leaves only.
  7. Attach leaves to pumpkins for a fun autumn decoration. Pick out colorful fall leaves that bend easily and that can wrap around the pumpkin’s sides. Use Mod Podge or clear craft glue to attach the leaves to the pumpkin with a paintbrush, brushing the glue onto the back of the leaf before placing it on the pumpkin.[8]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 7.jpg
    • If you cover the whole pumpkin with lots of leaves, apply a coat of Mod Podge or glue over all of the leaves once they’re placed so they don’t move.

[Edit]Hanging the Leaves

  1. Create a wreath out of leaves to hang on a door. Purchase a foam or other type of wreath from a craft store that has a flat surface for you to decorate. Attach your leaves to the wreath using hot glue, applying a dab or two of the hot glue to the back of the leaf before securing it on the wreath. Layer the leaves over each other slightly for a beautiful decoration.[9]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 8.jpg
    • Pick out different colored leaves in red, orange, or yellow for a vibrant wreath or opt for a solid-colored wreath instead.
    • Use fake leaves or real leaves, depending on your preferences.
  2. Frame leaves to hang them on the wall as art. Choose a leaf or two that you love, whether real or fake, and place them in a picture frame. Set a piece of paper in the frame as a background for the leaf, or pick out a double-sided glass frame for the leaf so you can see it from both sides.[10]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 9.jpg
    • Hang your framed leaf on the wall, or prop it up on a stable surface.
    • Frame a beautiful red leaf for a fall decoration or opt for a leaf you found in the spring to frame.
  3. Put leaves in clear holiday ornaments to hang them on trees. Purchase clear balls that you can open up and put things in. Either fill the ball with small leaves or pick out one statement leaf that bends and place it in the ornament. Secure the clear ball’s two pieces together and hang it up on a holiday tree or around your house as a decoration.[11]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 10.jpg
    • Clear fillable balls can be found at your local craft store.
    • These clear balls fasten together easily, usually by twisting.
  4. Cut leaves into designs or shapes for a creative look. Pick out bendable leaves to use, as these will hold their shape when they’re cut the best. Cut the leaves into things like hearts or butterflies before placing them in a frame to hang on the wall or dangling them from a string as a delicate decoration.[12]

    Decorate with Leaves Step 11.jpg
    • Use regular scissors to cut the leaves, being careful not to rip them as you make your design.
    • Use colorful autumn leaves for the prettiest designs.
  5. Cover a large initial with leaves to hang on a door or wall. Purchase a display initial from your local craft store—this could be the initial of your first name or your family’s last name. Cover the initial with Mod Podge or craft glue before placing the leaves all over it so they’re slightly overlapping. Apply a final layer of Mod Podge or glue all over the leaves to keep them in place.[13]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 12.jpg
    • Use a paint brush or foam brush to apply the Mod Podge or glue to the initial.
    • Cover the initial with lots of different colored leaves for a beautiful autumn decoration.

[Edit]Covering Leaves with Paint or Glitter

  1. Cover leaves in glitter for a sparkly decoration. Pick out thick leaves that can hold their shape and use a paint or foam brush to cover them with craft glue. Cover one whole side of the leaf in a thin layer of the glue and sprinkle glitter over top of it so there isn’t any glue showing. Wait for this side of the leaf to dry before doing the other side.[14]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 13.jpg
    • Hang these leaves from a ribbon or string, use them in a centerpiece, or spread them across a table for a unique decoration.
    • Let the glue and glitter dry on the leaf for several hours.
  2. Spray paint leaves gold or silver for a classic look. Pick out leaves you’d like to cover and place them on a piece of plastic or newspaper. Shake a can of spray paint and apply the paint to the leaves in even, thin layers. Hold the can roughly 1 ft (0.30 m) from the leaves to make sure you get great coverage.[15]
    Decorate with Leaves Step 14.jpg
    • It’s best to use spray paint outside or in a very well-ventilated area.
    • You could turn the leaves into a mobile once they’re dry or use them as a centerpiece.
  3. Turn ordinary leaves into watercolor art for a pastel decoration. Apply a white primer or regular white paint to the leaves first, especially if they’re dark in color, so the watercolors will show up well. After the primer or white paint dries, use a paint brush to create watercolor paintings out of your leaves, mixing colors if you’d like.[16]

    Decorate with Leaves Step 15.jpg
    • Paint each leaf a separate color, or blend the colors so you have pastel rainbow leaves.
    • Use a regular paint brush to apply the primer or white paint first.
  4. Add patterns to leaves using paint to let the natural leaf color show. Instead of completely covering your leaves with paint, add a few dabs of paint to them so their true leaf color shines through. Paint a zig-zag pattern, polka dots, stripes, or any other type of pattern that you’d like using different colored acrylic paints.[17]

    Decorate with Leaves Step 16.jpg
    • For example, add pops of color to brown leaves using blue, yellow, or pink paints.
    • Use these leaves as filling in a vase or to decorate for a fall holiday.


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