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The Very Organized Thief is a tense PC game that’s all about robbing someone’s house. It can be tricky to try at first. However, with some simple guidelines, you can quickly progress your skill level!


  1. Learn the controls. This step might seem obvious, but it is still important to have a good understanding of the keystrokes required to work the game properly. Here is a breakdown of the default controls:
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 1.jpg
    • WASD to move
    • Space to interact with objects
    • E to toggle flashlight
    • Q to view checklist
    • Left Shift to run
    • Left Ctrl to crouch.
  2. Develop a plan. Look at your checklist and think about the locations of all the items. Try to do as much as you can downstairs before going upstairs.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 2.jpg
  3. Learn the locations of all the loot-able items. The best way to do this is with practice.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 3.jpg
    • Some objects, like the diamond ring, have many locations in which they can spawn. Others, like the bicycle, have only one location.
  4. Turn off the alarm. In the room between the kitchen and the garage, there is a box with three wires. Severing the blue wire turns off the alarm for the safe upstairs.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 4.jpg
    • The green wire is for electricity in the house. Cutting it turns off the electricity. This is optional.
    • The red wire activates the alarm. It should not be cut unless the blue wire has been severed.
  5. Find the office key and enter the office. The office key has many spawn points, including the end table in the family room, the couch in the living room, the end table in the master bedroom, the dining room table and more.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 5.jpg
  6. Get the code to the safe in the top office drawer. Once you have the code, you can open the safe and get the gold bar as well as the many stacks of money.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 6.jpg
    • The code changes every time, so be wary of this.
  7. Be prepared for if the owner arrives at home. The owner comes home four minutes into each round (or earlier if the alarm is set off). The clock will chime at about two minutes in, allowing you to judge what you can and should do in the remaining time.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 7.jpg
    • Holding an item in front of you and/or crouching will sometimes hide you from the owner, and he will go away.
  8. Escape! Once you have all the items you need, or the owner has arrived at home, you can leave the house. There are two exits – the front door and the garage door. Once you leave, you will be told your ranking and the worth in dollars of the items you stole.
    Play the Very Organized Thief Step 8.jpg


  • You can hide in the closets if the owner comes home.
  • The lights can give you a good indication of which room the owner is in when he is at home.
  • Getting all the items on your list and leaving before the owner gets home will usually earn you the title of “Very Organized Thief”.


  • Never cut the red wire unless and until the blue wire is cut. Doing so will make the owner come home early.

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