Upload Photos on Couchsurfing

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Whether you’re looking for a couch or providing one,people are going to want to see pictures of you or your couch on the Couchsurfing site. It will make it much easier for people to trust you if they’re going to be hanging out with a stranger.


  1. Log in to Couchsurfing.com and click on the down arrow next to your name.
    Upload Photos on Couchsurfing Step 1.jpg
  2. Select “My Profile” from the options that pop up.
    Upload Photos on Couchsurfing Step 2.jpg
  3. Hit the “edit photos” link in your profile screen under your profile picture.
    Upload Photos on Couchsurfing Step 3.jpg
  4. Click where it says “Upload a new photo” in the top right.
    Upload Photos on Couchsurfing Step 4.jpg
  5. Click “Choose file” to select the photos you want to upload. Select a caption and a folder for the photo. Click “Upload photo” to upload it. You can also add a new folder name, such as “Couch pics” to make it moe obvious to your profile browsers.
    Upload Photos on Couchsurfing Step 5.jpg

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