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Whether searching for a new hobby or a personalized touch of bohemian style, this step by step macrame plant hanger instructional is a simple way to satisfy the need for creativity. This project is achievable for beginners. It is recommended to stand while knotting, and remember that every knot can be untied if needed.


[Edit]The Top

  1. Purchase or gather your materials. Your local craft store should have a reel of 7mm 100 yard rope and a metal hoop for the top. If not, these materials should be available online. Any rope from 3-7mm will work if need be, but no thicker. Buy a reel no shorter than 100mm in length.
  2. Measure out six 10 feet (3 m) long strands and cut evenly. Fold each strand in half.
  3. Hang each strand by its center on the hoop so that the bottom of the strands are generally even. It is recommended to stand, so hang it at a comfortable height when working.
  4. Cut a strand of rope that is 15 inches long. Secure the strands to the hoop with the wrapped knot.
  5. Separate the strands into groups of two evenly. There should be six groups of two and twelve strands hanging total.
  6. Start the knotting process by taking two pieces from one group and two pieces from the neighboring group. Tie off the rest with a rubber band for better handling. Proceed with a spiral square knot. Continue this knot exactly 16 times.
    • The rope will spiral itself as it is knotted.
  7. Take the leftover two strands from one group and pair them with two from the neighboring group. Proceed with a spiral square knot exactly 16 times.
    • There should be four strands left hanging.
  8. Continue the spiral square knot again exactly 16 times with the remaining stands. There should be an even amount of spiral square knots in each braided strand- making them even lengths.

[Edit]Fitting the Flower Pot into the Hanger

  1. Hold the flower pot within the strands just knotted while the project is hanging.
  2. Gather the strands with a hand on the bottom of the pot so that it is cradled by the strands. Tie the underneath with a rubber band. The rubber band may not hold the weight of the flower pot by itself. Be careful not to drop the flower pot in the process.
  3. Remove the pot.

[Edit]Tying the Flower Pot Holder

  1. Carefully remove four strands from the rubber band. Remove two from one group and two from the neighboring. Tie these four strands together with a square knot. Continue this knot two times.
  2. Take the neighboring four strands out of the rubber band and tie a square knot two times that are at even height to the other ones tied prior. Remove the rubber band and tie two square knots with the remaining four strands, also ensuring it is even to the other two.

[Edit]Securing the Flower Pot

  1. Place and hold the flower pot within the strands and with a hand. Gather the strands underneath the pot to tie together. Make sure that the flower pot lays straight and that the three square knots on the sides are even with each other. If they are not, redo them before continuing. These are the side supports of the pot.
  2. Tie the gathering of strands on the bottom of the pot with a rubber band. Again, ensure the pot is secure underneath with a rubber band before letting go.
  3. Cut another 15-inch piece of string. Keeping the rubber band on, proceed with another wrapped knot that will support the flower pot.
    • The wrapped knot should cover the rubber band. If it isn’t, slide it up.

[Edit]Finishing Up

  1. Using the scissors, chop off any long hanging strings from the wrapped knots. Additionally, cut the remaining strands below the pot so that they are even. They can be as long or short as desired.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, tuck and glue away extra pieces from the wrapped knots so that they aren’t visible.
  3. Secure any other areas with the glue gun as needed. Hang in the desired area.


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[Edit]Things You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Measuring tape
  • Rope (7mm, 100 yards)
  • Metal craft hoop
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • 4” inch terracotta flower pot


  • A flower is not required at this point.
  • Tie the knots tightly, but not too tightly. They should be tied at an equal strength to aid in keeping them even.
  • Use a portable clothing rack and S hook to hang the piece while working. Adjustable height and mobility of the workspace may increase comfort when working.
  • Any knot can be untied and tied again.
  • Use a clip to keep extra strands out of the way.


  • Choose a flower pot that is small. Make sure it is nothing over 8 pounds.
  • Do not touch the tip of the hot glue gun to the cord for too long. It will burn.
  • Standing for long periods of time may cause fatigue. The knots will not fall out if a break is needed.

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