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If you are interested in making a nice fabric calendar that can fold up without ripping or making unnecessary creases then this is the article for you! This is a step by step tutorial that will be easy to follow.


  1. You will need some fabric of your choice. Get at least 1 yard (0.9 m) for each page depending on what shape of calendar you are making. You could make a smaller one too if you don’t want to spend so much to make a bigger calendar. Also, you will need a sharpie marker, a sewing machine or sewing needle.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 1.jpg
  2. Choose the shape and size of your calender. Have fun with this! You can choose anything from hearts to stars. And choose from the size of a normal size or smaller or bigger. If you make a smaller one you will not have to buy as much fabric.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 2.jpg
  3. Cut out 24 shapes of fabric for your calender. You will need this because you need two sheets for each page.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 3.jpg
  4. Turn your first two sheets to where the right sides are in.Sew all the sides up except for the side that will be in the top. After doing this you basically made your first month. Do this with all the other months.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 4.jpg
  5. Now that you have all of the sheets sewn and turned right sides out you need to sew them all together at the top. To do this you will need to cut out a top from the fabric that can fit over the top off all your sheets put together. This will hold it all together.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 5.jpg
  6. Sew the first sheet to the front of the top under it so the rough edges are sealed. If you didn’t know you need to do the same to the top that you did to all the sheets by sewing two tops together right sides in. Then turning it right side out.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 6.jpg
  7. Sew the back of the top to the back sheet. you still should have 10 sheets not sewn in yet.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 7.jpg
  8. Sew the second sheet to the back of the first sheet at the top. Do this with all the other sheets.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 8.jpg
  9. Now that you have all the sheets sewn in you need to sew in the front of the last sheet to the back of the second to last sheet. You can do this by hand sewing through the top and going under to attach the two or you could just leave it unsewn. It’s not like it’s going to come undone or anything!
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 9.jpg
  10. You are all done with the construction! It’s time to decorate and put your months in! Get out all your decoration supplies.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 10.jpg
  11. Go to the first sheet. This one is called January. It will have 31 days on it.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 11.jpg
  12. After you have all your months on by drawing them with your marker it’s time to decorate. You can use paint or anything you want.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 12.jpg
  13. After all the decorating is done you are done. But, you are probably wondering how to write things on it! Well you can just write it on with marker or you can take small pieces of white eraser board or white plastic that you can write on with dry erase markers. Just put a piece of velcro on all the spots you will be putting this.
    Make a Fabric Calendar Step 13.jpg


  • You can use special sewing designs to make fancy stitching or actually draw your months out for you.
  • You can make these for any gift and they are easy to roll up, too.
  • You can make different shapes depending on what you like.
  • Pick any color of fabric.


  • Be careful with who uses the sewing machines or hand sewing needles.
  • Be careful not to write on yourself with sharpie…it’s permanent!

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