Date Online and Keep Your Self Respect

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How do you try to date through online mediums and still keep your dignity? It’s simpler than you have ever imagined. If you are blocking yourself from moving forward because you feel humiliated by the idea that you are resorting to computerized meet ups, changing your frame of mind is the key.


  1. Be open minded. Online dating is nothing but going with the ever changing times. We look for work online, we shop online, we bank online, it is the way of the now and there is no loss of self respect in doing so. Other people are putting themselves out there trying to meet someone just like you and you should not deprive them of a wonderful human that is sensitive enough to feel concerned about putting themselves out there, after all that is the type of person you’d like to meet too.
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  2. Be true to yourself. Being concerned about your self respect while online dating is a show of your true identity and what strikes a chord with you and your moral make-up. If you did not feel a bit shy about putting yourself out there you would not be the humble, good heart that YOU are. It will exude from you in the profile that you post. Just because you decide to try to find someone compatible online as well as in everyday walking life does not mean that you have to morph into someone you do not know and like.
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  3. Do it your way and don’t change for anyone. There are plenty of people that are online that are not going to want to show you kindness, a lot that actually might want to get the best of you, so you must stick to whatever guidelines you use in your everyday life. If you wouldn’t kinky talk with someone when you are staring them eyeball to eyeball then do not do it online just because they may want you to and because their picture and profile makes you think of Matthew McConaughey (or Eva Longoria or whatever!)does not mean you have to lose your self respect and do it for them. Do everything just as you would all the time.
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  4. Be choosy. Keeping your self respect while dating online should be easy as long as you stick to who you are and what you truly want. You do not need to put it all out there and tell everyone that you are getting older and want kids in the next year, but you can use your radar and seek out those profiles that seem genuine. We all have an inner guide that tells us when something is not kosher with something and we need to use it while online dating. Read, read, read profiles (make it an all day Sunday thing if you like), pick out the best ones and reach out to say one a day.
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  5. Don’t be so desperate. Do not be so inclined to meet someone that you take the first guy that emails you and run off to another state to meet him. Online dating can be a lengthy process and you could potentially be seeking for a year or more. That is okay because similar to other online meet sites, some people end up being just email friends or phone friends or whatever type of friend you like. You may even dismiss a lot of people as just not your type even though they are great for someone else. Keeping your standards keeps your self respect intact.
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  • Pay sites offer better quality of men. Someone that gives up his credit card information may be a better match than someone that can be making up a gazillion profiles just because it is free and they can.
  • Don’t let the idiots of the online dating world get into your head. There will be the ones that feel slighted if you don’t respond to their advances and may send you a scathing comment to attack your day-ignore, ignore, ignore and then block them. Do not allow what someone says to derail your dignity and the self respect you have for yourself and your true purpose for trying online dating. They are not the type of people you want to attract anyway (This goes for having people ignore your attempts also, they were just not your ONE)
  • Write your profile as if your mum or dad would be seeing it. Keeping dignity means not being ridiculously seductive because your profile hasn’t been getting many views. Keep your self respect by remembering that it only takes the ONE.
  • Use tasteful pictures that are recent and if for instance you are a bigger person, realize that not everyone is into that but not everyone is into thin either. Keep your humility and be kind to you first and foremost.


  • Never give out personal info. Keep yourself private enough that you keep your self worth in place. Act as if it is your child you are sending out there and you should never go wrong. Get to know someone the private way first, if they push for more realize it could be a ploy and the results could be disastrous to your self esteem and pride. You can’t go backwards from an error so be aware of your boundaries to keep your self respect and dignity.

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