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The world’s major killer disease is cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke). Eating too much salt often results in getting high blood pressure, which is the number one risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
Most of the salt we eat comes from already cooked and processed foods. Foods like bread, pizza, cereals, etc, so no matter how much you try to avoid adding salt to your food, you need to watch out from the salt that has already been added.


  1. Cut down on eating processed foods from restaurant chains and supermarkets.
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  2. Simply using less salt in cookery can help reduce salt intake.
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  3. Avoid putting salt on table when dining.
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  4. Avoid adding salt to foods that were cooked with salt in them. Check the nutritional values on the item for more information.
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  5. When using tinned foods like tinned lentils, avoid adding salt because they already have salt added.
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  6. Simply eating a lot of vegetables and fruits can reduce salt intake in the body.
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  7. You can make your own bread at home without salt or just a pinch of salt instead of going for already made bread in supermarkets.
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  • Foods that can be high in salt include:
    • Pre-prepared seasoning and curry pastes
    • Tinned and instant soups and noodles
    • Ready made pickles and chutneys
    • Processed foods like pizza, sausages, burgers, pies, etc.
    • Tinned lentils, chickpeas, or vegetables in brine.

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