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Want to make a Cobra Mustang? Try these steps for a quick an easy paper plane craft, that, unfortunately bears no resemblance to either a cobra or a mustang. Please note also that it is not confirmed that a covers mustang is an aircraft. Not put off? Get started at step one below!


  1. FoldCobraMustang Step 1.jpg

    Obtain sheet of paper. Standard A4 is recommended but not specifically required.

  2. FoldCobraMustang Step 2.jpg

    Fold it vertically to crease it. Open it up again.

  3. FoldCobraMustang Step 3.jpg

    Fold the top corners to the center to form a triangle tip.

  4. FoldCobraMustang Step 4.jpg

    Fold the wings. Flip the paper over and fold the right and left side to the center line.

  5. FoldCobraMustang Step 5.jpg

    It is ready to fly!


  • Use bigger paper if necessary.


  • Don’t point it at somebody.

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