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wikiHow is a fantastic website used by millions of people. However, it is possible to use wikiHow too much. It is fine to review your Talk Page messages, answer them, and maybe write a new article, or do some edits. If you find you are working on wikiHow for more than four hours per day, however, you could have a wikiHow addiction. If you think you are addicted to wikiHow, read this article to learn how you can overcome it.


  1. Assess the severity of your problem. Your goal could be: approximately three to four hours on wikiHow a day with short breaks in between. The breaks should last between 10-20 minutes. Think back; have you ever actually had a break? If yes, how many? You should schedule a break every half hour to one hour.
    Stop a wikiHow Addiction Step 1.jpg
  2. Get a calendar. It can have animal pictures on it, sunsets, anything that makes you happy. In the Monday square write the current amount of time you spend on wikiHow. In the Tuesday square, do the same. In the Wednesday square, subtract one hour from Tuesday’s number. In the Thursday square, write the same number as on Wednesday. In the Friday square, subtract one hour from Thursday’s number, and so on.
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  3. Set a timer for an hour. When the timer goes off, don’t ignore it and carry on. Instead, say to yourself, “wikiHow will still be there tomorrow, and I can continue working then”. It might mean putting the template {{inuse}} to work, because “just five more minutes” usually turns into 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on.
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  4. Log out. Find something else to do on the computer, but take breaks while doing this as well! You can look up and Yahoo! Answers.
    Stop a wikiHow Addiction Step 4.jpg
    • If you want to take a break from the computer, shut it down and enjoy some other interests or hobbies. Getting outside for some fresh air is a great idea too.
  5. Take a wikibreak. Sometimes you just need a break from wikiHow. As with other addictions, you may be losing sleep and neglecting other self-care activities such as eating regular meals, personal hygiene, and getting exercise outdoors. An internet addiction can be very isolating since people commonly drastically reduce the time they spend with their family and friends.
  6. Remember, wikiHow is about quality, not quantity. Can you really to wikiHow if you are exhausted? Taking a break from wikiHow doesn’t have to be long, it could be three days, one week, or a month.
    • Inform others of the wikibreak. You could leave a message on the forums or leave a note on your talk page.
  7. Consider taking a complete computer break. Once you are not using wikiHow addictively, assess whether you need to apply these steps to your computer use because some people have a computer addiction, not only a wikiHow addiction. This article can help provide additional support.
    Stop a wikiHow Addiction Step 5.jpg

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