Make Frozen Pickle Juice

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Yes, everyone likes pickles, right? But sometimes, just plain pickle juice and plain pickles can get really boring! Then, take out the boredom of pickles by creating a delicious pickle treat! With pickle juice!


  1. Look for a pickle jar somewhere in your kitchen. Then, open the lid of the jar. If you don’t have pickles already, go to the grocery store to buy some!
    Make Frozen Pickle Juice Step 1.jpg
  2. Pour some pickle juice in a cup or two!
    Make Frozen Pickle Juice Step 2.jpg
  3. Put it in the freezer to make it frozen. It will take about 2 hours or a day to freeze.
    Make Frozen Pickle Juice Step 3.jpg
  4. Enjoy your frozen pickle juice!
    Make Frozen Pickle Juice Step 4.jpg


  • If you want, craft sticks or Popsicle holders are a good idea! If you use this method, then you get a Pickle pop. yum!
  • This is a popular treat usually during Thanksgiving vacation.


  • If you drop your frozen pickle juice on the ground (if using popsicle sticks) then you’ll have to start over again!
  • Be careful where you pour the juice in the cup… you might spill lots of pickle juice everywhere! So be careful when pouring maybe ask an adult to help.

[Edit]Things You’ll Need

  • One or two jars of pickles (big jars are GOOD ideas.)
  • Plastic cups
  • Freezer
  • Craft sticks (optional)
  • Spoon

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