Draw a Beautiful Landscape

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Often drawing a landscape for art homework, is hard to deal with no matter how extensive your art ability can be. However, keeping these following things in mind will make your task easier, neater and much more attractive.


[Edit]Preparing for the Homework

  1. Decide what effect you would like for your landscape. The effect of the landscape often varies with the type, quality and the quantity of the product used. For example, oil pastels will give you much more defined results than colored pencils or crayons. However, pencil colours can give you a neat and detailed effect.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 1.jpg
  2. Decide before starting your drawing whether you are going to do sketching or coloring. In sketching, you don’t need to apply the pencil for the starting outline very hard, while coloring is just the opposite.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 2.jpg
  3. Use good quality paper and drawing/painting utensils. The pencil for the starting outline should be specific to the type of drawing you want to achieve.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 3.jpg

[Edit]Drawing the landscape

  1. Start by drawing various types of houses, trees and mountains. You could also add roads, streams, fountains and waterfalls.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 4.jpg
  2. Keep the common drawing rules in mind while you are drawing. Perspective and horizon are two important things for landscape sketching.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 5.jpg

[Edit]Coloring the landscape

  1. Colour the landscape with the choice of colors you have. You can also shade your drawing with sketching pencils if that is the type of drawing you want to achieve. However, coloring might be a better idea if you want a vibrant effect to show off!
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 6.jpg
  2. You can add some creativity to the landscape for a better seasonal effect. For instance, instead of coloring the tree leaves with common green, try orange and yellow to give across an autumn feel. For spring, nothing is better than pink blossoms embellishing your trees.
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 7.jpg
  3. Show it to your art teacher or family and friends. If you want you can frame your work and hang it in up on your bedroom wall. It will surely make your room look fantastic! You are now finished!
    Draw a Beautiful Landscape Step 8.jpg


  • If you don’t get the desired result, don’t feel upset. After all, practice makes perfect!


  • Never try to be too much creative. For instance coloring the tree leaves black would definitely not be a good idea! I know this might seem obvious but colour is an important part of the landscape.

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