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Fake snow has many uses from decorations indoors through to making a movie in a snow setting. The fake snow in this article is realistic but won’t melt and doesn’t contain any strange chemicals. It’s based on soap, making it cheap and easy to create.


  1. Buy a bunch of bars of white soap. It’s a good idea to get scent-free soap if possible, as scented soap can compete with other fragrances in the home if you’re using it for decorative purposes. Also, get a cheese grater if you don’t already have one or you’d rather not use the food one for craft purposes.
    Make Fake Snow From Soap Step 1.jpg
    • The amount of soap bars needed will depend on how much snow you’re hoping to make. If you need an enormous amount, look in bargain or bulk buy stores.
  2. Use the side of the grater that has the small holes to grate the soap. Grate until you have the right amount of shavings you want.
    Make Fake Snow From Soap Step 2.jpg
    • Use a non-slip surface under the grater to assist with safe and easier grating.
  3. Use the snow. If using for decorative effect, sprinkle it around the tree, on windowsills, on the mantelpiece, etc. Wherever it adds a snowy touch to your decorations, it should be ideal. If you own a business or market stall, this snow can be ideal for adding snowy touches to window or stall displays.
    Make Fake Snow From Soap Step 3.jpg
    • If you’re making a video, pour the snow into a container. Hold this above your actor out of the camera’s shot and pour the snow down as needed. You can use a fan to blow the snow around to make the falling snow effect.
    • If you just want the snow on the ground, make sure you cover all the grass or dirt. This will mean using a lot of soap!
  4. Make things from the “snow”. The snow sticks together so feel free to make snowballs and miniature snowmen.
    Make Fake Snow From Soap Step 4.jpg
    • This snow could be sprinkled onto miniature Christmas scenes or on existing decorations.
  5. Finished.
    Make Fake Snow From Soap Step 5.jpg


  • After the holidays, gather up the soap/snow, put it in a bowl with a little water and liquify it. You can then use a pump dispenser or recycled dish soap bottle and use it for washing your hands!
  • Don’t worry if the soap snow gets in your hair or on your clothes; it will wash out because it’s soap.
  • This snow looks best at night.
  • Keep the snow in a bowl or bags until you need to use it; just be sure to keep it somewhere cool and dry so that it doesn’t melt into a solid mass.
  • If you need a lot of snow, ask friends to come around and help you grate the snow. Obviously, you’ll need a lot of soap bars too.


  • Obviously, this is soap, so avoid eating it. Keep it out of the reach of infants and pets.
  • It’s easy to grate your fingers and hands if you’re inattentive; pay attention the whole time you’re grating and grate on a non-slip surface.
  • Try not to get the soap snow in your eyes as it will most likely sting.

[Edit]Things You’ll Need

  • Bars of soap
  • A cheese grater
  • Non-slip surface for grating
  • A fan and containers if using for filming

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